Self-sacrifice for Faith

Self-sacrifice for Faith

Recent events in Grozny serve a lesson to us all. A small number of armed individuals stood up to defend the fundamental values of Islam, neglecting their personal wellbeing for the sake of their Faith. Numerous appeals from women of Dagestan and Ichkeria who have been attacked by pro-Russian murtadds (apostates) found their response in the shahid charge on pro-Russian authority in Ichkeria. Shahids (martyrs for Faith) sent a very clear message to Putin and Kadyrov with their deaths: Caucasus is not under the authority of the Russian Federation. It cannot be ruled by Russian laws, but by laws of Faith.

Samurais in Japan committed seppuku on the doorsteps of their enemies (ritual suicide in response to disagreement with actions of their vis-à-vis). Lineage who’s received such an insult could not exist any longer as such insult could not be washed away. One cannot reply to the deceased, who’s committed suicide on the threshold of another person’s home.

I pray for the repose of the souls of warriors who lay their lives on the Yerefiya (Russian “Empire”).

Gennadiy Sikalov

Ostanniy Bastion (the Last Bastion)